Yellow, coal, rusting and mouth smell in because by lack of oral care in everyday life.

Whitening Dental Avycol Whitexpert, is able to take care of your teeth every day all the time wherever you are! In a special formula for smokers, coffee/tea, alcohol, sugar and so on.


Yellow, coal, rusting and mouth smell in because by lack of oral care in everyday life.

Whitening Dental Avycol Whitexpert, is able to take care of your teeth every day all the time wherever you are! In a special formula for smokers, coffee/tea, alcohol, sugar and so on.


You want white teeth, no oral smell?

Let’s look at the video of what way Avycol will build coating on your teeth, only in only 1 time use.

The Coating available in Avycol is able to remove 100% of different teeth surfaces with the usual toothpaste you use at home, Coating Avycol will be an agent for ward off all food waste including caffeine, nicotine, alcohol from continuing to stick to the teeth causing the mouth to breath and so on.


The main causes of yellow teeth cause. The Chromogen, the dyes that are in food and drinks can cause the enamel incident that attaches on the teeth. Tannin, the bitter component of certain fruits is easily attached to the tooth surface and causes acid in food. The acid content in food also affects the teeth, while also scraping the tooth enamel.


In the language of Medis, the tooth reefs are called as well as calculus. In essence, the cause of dental reefs is formed due to disable tooth plaque and to fill the parts of the teeth.  Dental plaque is formed due to the waste of food and protein mixed with bacteria in the mouth. Plaque brings bacteria that can damage the tooth enamel, resulting in the oral cavity and permanent tooth decay and gum disease


Halitosis usually occurs to patients or healthy people who wake up from sleep in the morning. It is due to the reaction of bacteria that are around the mouth of the ingredients/waste of food that is left in the mouth, which is around the loopholes of teeth, throat, palatal, tongue and gums. Dental experts are looking at that bacteria will usually be more active in human mouth when someone is asleep, this is because at that time, the nutrients in the mouth are abundant, besides the saliva water pH which is more acidic and lack of chew activity and speaks causing the environment in human mouth good for more active bacterial collection activities. Halitosis is a simple disease to be prevented from happening and easy to treat, but it is also easy to happen if the oral health and hygiene is not cared for at all times.


The initial effect of use can be seen in 1 times of use only.

Diamond Technology Scrub Effect

Avycol uses the latest technology of diamond scrub effect specially that will clean your teeth, gums and your mouth in total.

Outer layer (Coating)

The active ingredient that is in Avycol will build a outer layer of teeth (coating) so that your teeth are smooth, shiny and radiant.

Soft texture

The Avycol texture is very gentle until it is able to penetrate underneath the teeth aimed to clean the area of unaffordable areas such as use of teeth braces, veneers and so on.

Leveling Teeth Dirt

Diamond Scrub Effect Avycol will leveling all the impurities that are on teeth such as coral, plaque and rust by slowly starting from the first day you use Avycol at home and the teeth will come back beautifully perfectly.

Eliminating the mouth smell

The content in Avycol is also able to eliminate the smell of a foul mouth, because by cerebellar and as such.

Thousands of satisfied users

Do not worry, since the first day of Avycol is out. We have helped thousands of Avycol users in Malaysia to solve the user's dental problems avycol.

Economical use

1 tube 50 gram for 2-month usage, calculation for 1 user only.



Avycol will build coating on the teeth, so that the teeth will continue to be smooth and shiny in 60 seconds only.

99.99% to smooth the teeth surface so that the impurities are hard to stick!



The Diamond scrub effect, which is in Avycol, is able to bleach teeth, remove coral, rust teeth and get rid of mouth odor.

99.99% rebeautifies your teeth!

The active ingredient found in AVYCOL WHITEXPERT

Avycol only uses proven ingredients that are safe.

  • Glycerin
  • Peg-8
  • hydrated silica
  • pentasodium triphoshate
  • flavour
  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • titanium dioxide carborner
  • sodium saccharin
  • stannous fluoride
  • cocamidopropyl betaine
  • sodium fluoredi
  • limonene

Proof of effectiveness AVYCOL WHITEXPERT

This is between realtime feedback 100% No editing we receive from the user Avycol Whitexpert in Malaysia

Reason why you should choose Avycol Whitexpert

Avycol Whitexpert is the latest product available in the market, with carpark to the conscious group of oral care.

Every use of ingredient in the Avycol through phase R and D by Halal-class manufacturers in Malaysia, received support and approval from ISO-9001 for quality and effective product production.

In Malaysia, the product of Avycol Whitexpert has gone through various security tests, including collaborating labs test, from the Ministry of Health Malaysia.

We provide approval for retail sale in Malaysia, and confirm it is safe for use by the whole family.

How to use Avycol at home

The ways of using Avycol are easy to embraces at home or at anywhere.

Warning: This product is suitable for adult use and CHILDREN age 6 years and above only.

  • Squeeze and Oles kan avycol whitexpert on your toothbrush.
  • Rub your teeth for approximately 1-2 minutes, rub evenly on the slow and back of the teeth with a downward and rotating movement.
  • Rinse, make sure you follow the usage syllabus stated in the box for the use of CHILDRENS and adults.


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